Statement for Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

Discussions with WAVES staff are confidential with two exceptions: (1) if there is substantial likelihood of danger to the student others or (2) the student has been referred to WAVES by a Mason office/official.

For referred students, WAVES staff members communicate with the referring party only to (1) confirm student attendance at meetings, (2) provide recommendations based on WAVES’s assessment and/or (3) verify completion of any assigned activities.

Third parties (including all Mason offices and officials) do not have access to the detailed information that students share during meetings or by completing WAVES questionnaires.

Finally, please be aware that confidentiality extends outside of the WAVES office, too. If you see your WAVES staff member on-campus or in the community, they will not acknowledge you unless you approach them first. This practice ensures that you have full control over whether/how much others know about your confidential WAVES visit.